"There are no second acts in American lives." ( F. Scott Fitzgerald )
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No Idea What To Do With Your Life ? Rejuvenate Your Brain !

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THE SECOND ACT GET ON TRACKYou are in transition. You wish you could create a major change. Instead you find yourself going around and around in your head, unable to sort things out. Will you ever fill the gap created by your productivity exhaustion and get back your motivation and energy ? Yes, you will : stop overusing, underusing, misusing your brain trying to figure out what action you need to take. Rejuvenate it first. Get your mind ready to create and direct your Second Act.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein
Make space for new ideas.
Your future self starts with where you are now. Take some time to explore yourself and sort things out. Reflect on your experiences, your relationships, your values. Think about the circumstances that triggered your most vivid emotions. Make a list of what turns you on and what turns you off. If you don't know where to start your exploration, take Proust's Questionnaire or Vanity Fair's interactive version.

Make space for creativity.
Find a calm space or rename your "work space" your "creativity space". Over time, your brain will learn to associate that room with imaginative thinking, goal setting, meditation. Surround your creativity space with objects that make you happy and/or trigger your creative juices.

Make the intangible tangible.
Start a journal and consider it the material equivalent of your thoughts. It doesn't have to be filled exclusively with words. Use your journal to express yourself with drawings, pictures, collages, pressed leaves or flowers, etc. Write down your rambling thoughts – including rambling thoughts for the future -,copy out stimulating quotes, annotate anything that might capture your attention and awaken your senses.

Don't be critical to the detriment of spontaneity. Let your mind flow. The written version of your thoughts and emotions helps you visualize conscious and subconscious conjectures. It clears your mind of stresses. It provides your creative self with a voice. Keeping a journal is an activity that generates its own momentum. Therefore it will help you regain momentum in various areas of your life and keep it going when you are in transition.

Make your brain active.
Exercise your body and your mind. Do you want your brain to produce new ideas for life? You must feed it first. Physical exercise not only increases oxygen flow into the brain, it also stimulates the growth of fresh brain cells. Neuroscientists at Cambridge University have shown that running has a big impact on mental ability, by stimulating the brain to grow fresh grey matter.

Scientific research also shows that exercising your brain keeps your mind from stagnating and creates the "cognitive reserve" you need when facing major changes. In the next post you will discover 10 tactics for maintaining and increasing your mental ability.

These are just some of the ways you can take to get your mind going. Tell us about your experiences with rejuvenating your brain.

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Good starter pack ! Best tactics for increasing mental ability : train your brain to ask "what if". The moment you start asking yourself what if, you will find AT LEAST 3 solutions to a problem. You may gradually increase to 4, 5, etc solutions.

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