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How multitasking puts you behind schedule

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GET CREATIVEBusinesses and schools praise multitasking as a time-saving technique. Well, they’re wrong. Research clearly shows that multitasking not only creates gaps in your attentiveness and increases mistakes, it also prevents you from getting things done on schedule. In other words it reduces productivity. It’s basic math.

Multitasking messes with the brain in more than one way. But there is another aspect: the inability to meet deadlines. Multitasking may seem more efficient on the surface, but actually takes more time in the end.
Imagine three tasks A, B and C, that would require 10 minutes each (or 10 hours or 10 days). If they are executed consecutively, the first is complete at H+10, the second at H+20, the third at H +30.
Now imagine that you spend 5 minutes alternately on each task. The result speaks for itself :


You will not save time in completing task C, you will have a 5 minutes (or hours or days) delay in completing task B, and a 10 minutes delay in completing task A.
If you take into account the time required for the individual reconcentration between two tasks, multitasking leads you to a much larger delay.

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