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The Goal Progress Review With Your Goal Buddy : Ready To Use Format+Worksheet

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The goal progress review with your accountability partner is a powerful motivational tool for achieving your goal. Discover the format, questions and worksheet that will help you both to track your goals during your meetings.


In Part I and Part II of the Successful Goal Buddy System Series, I encouraged you to follow 3 rules and 5 guidelines when choosing an accountability partner and building a system which will help both of you reach your goals. Now you also need to decide on the procedure to follow during your goal-tracking meetings.

The Meeting Format
Topic #1 : ACTION
Share with your accountability partner on the following questions:

  • Are you following your action plan ?
  • What progress have you made toward your goal since the last meeting?
  • What obstacles (inner and external) did you encounter ?
  • What is your plan to overcome them ?
  • What do you plan to accomplish by the next meeting?
  • Is anything in your action plan that needs improvement ?
  • Is anything in my action plan that needs improvement ?
Share with your accountability partner on the following questions:

  • What information do you need to help you toward your goal ?
  • What significant new information did you gather since the last meeting ?
  • What do you plan to study in order to overcome both inner and external obstacles ?
  • Are your other resources (money, time, support) still adequate to your action plan ?
Share with your accountability partner on the following questions:

  • Is this goal easier or harder than expected?
  • Are you happy with your progress ?
  • Do you still want to accomplish this specific goal or do you need to revise it ?
  • Did you notice self-sabotage tendencies since our last meeting ? If yes, what can I do to help you deal with it ?
  • How did you reward yourself for your progress since the last meeting ?
  • Is our partnership still useful and motivational for you ?
  • If yes, what can we do to celebrate both our progress and our successful goal buddy system
Remember : While you should take your partnership seriously, the aim of a goal buddy system is to make goal achievement a lighthearted experience.

The Goal Progress Review Worksheet

Last year I started a goal buddy system with my friend Myriam. We are both journalists and former co-workers.

Prior to our first goal-checking phone call, I had built a simple worksheet - using Word - to monitor our progress during meetings (our goals and deadlines were similar, which is a plus point when creating an accountability partnership). We both found it a helpful tool. We took turns in filling the cells and shared the worksheet by e-mail after each meeting.

Now that we both accomplished our goals, I want to share it with you. The worksheet is ready to use for weekly phone calls - therefore for "weekly goals" you set with your partner to monitor your progress. Of course, you can adapt it to the specifics of your goals, add cells according to your schedule and the time-limit you set for your partnership. But my advice is : keep it simple.

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Enjoy your journey toward your goal.
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