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8 Glasses Of Water A Day... Keep The Doctor Away

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QUICK TIP OF THE WEEK We should drink the equivalent of 6 to 8 glasses of water each day to increase our energy, concentration and abilities, according to nutritionists (8x8-once cups). Not to mention weight loss, a healthier looking skin, removing toxins from the body and tens of other benefits. So trick yourself into this simple routine and become an addict of the "magic potion":

  • Drink a glass of water when you wake, to rehydrate your body and regulate your appetite.
  • Fill half of your glass of fruit juice with water.
  • Replace one of your typical choice of drinks with a glass of water. Start by replacing one, then try to replace two, three...
  • Eat fruit and vegetables with high water content : tomatoes and watermelons for instance contain 90 to 95% water. Pears are high-high mosture content feeds too (they have an average dry matter of only 17%). There is an old French saying : "Garde une poire pour la soif" (when you're thirsty, have a pear).
  • Drink less coffee : caffeine causes the body to lose water.
  • Always have a fresh supply of water at hand while working. Think about it : a 2% drop in body water triggers difficulty focusing on a screen or printed page.
  • Don't drink only when you are thirsty. Our body doesn't always tells the truth about how much water it really needs. Especially as we get older, our body loses the ability to tell when it's thirsty. So you should drink about three cups more than your thirst tells you to.
  • Create a daily water schedule : one glass after lunch, one at "tea time", one after dinner... Or get in the habit of drinking a small glass of water after each trip to the restroom.

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