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5 Reasons To Believe In People Again

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Turn on the news and the first thing you are likely to hear about is some scam, brutal murder or identity theft. With all this in mind it is no wonder that communities don’t know each other anymore. It's not just a factor of size, it's a factor of trust.

We have stopped believing in people. This creates a vicious cycle of tension between ourselves and our neighbors. We start assuming that everyone is out to get us and, because each of us begins to harbor this mindset, we treat each other with suspicion : being treated with suspicion only confirms to the neighbor that you are hiding something, and the cycle continues. We have to stop this. Here are 5 reasons to start believing in people again.

Article by Justin Dixon from AlittleBetter

1. People behave according to the way they are treated.
An interesting experiment was done with a group of students where instead of telling the students what their actual scores were, all students were told a random score. Students that were told they would need extra help started doing poorly in school even though they were given the extra help. Students that were told they did very well and didn’t need teacher supervising anymore started doing much better in class even though they were getting less help. It did not matter what their grades were before the test.

So again. We end up creating a vicious cycle, if we do not learn to show some faith in people.

2. People want to be good.
Can you think of one person who when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up responded with “the worse person I can be”? Nobody goes out of there way to do something bad. Nobody casts themselves as the bad guy. Do you? Why would you be the exception?

3. People want to be helpful.
Private charities give 4 times as much money annually to good causes than every state program including peace corps put together. Habitat for Humanity put together WAY more houses than FEMA. We don’t have to force people to be helpful. People do this on their own. It gives their lives a sense of purpose. A quick way you can check this with yourself is when you see someone hurting : do you not want to help? Everyone has that, even if we don’t always act on it (mostly out of fear of one another).

4. We are all in this together.
Every one has some burden to carry. There is not one person on this planet who doesn’t. On top of that every single one of us is trying to figure out the one way to live that is going to have the best results for him.

5. You can inspire others.
When you choose to believe the best in people you often end up pulling it out. When you pull the best out of others the best of yourself comes out as well.

So what can we do with all this? You can invite your neighbors over for dinner. You can start conversations with people. You can give others a chance. You can open up a little. While the media may only focus on the negative stuff, that would be because it is news when it happens. Reach out to others, ask for help, offer help, but whatever you do make sure to at least give people a chance.

This work by Justin Dixon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at alittlebetter.net.

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