"There are no second acts in American lives." ( F. Scott Fitzgerald )
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6 steps to productive daydreaming – Part I Introduction

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GET CREATIVEYou are faced with a challenging problem, or you try to get back your productivity habit after a loss of motivation and energy. But your repeated efforts to solve the problem or to complete the task at hand have no effect. When you are stuck, productive daydreaming helps you to get things moving again – and to get them done - by allowing your brain to make new associations and connections. This 3-part series explains how to plan and practice productive daydreaming in 6 easy steps.

Introduction (Part I)
You're in the middle of your "second act" : you overcame a major setback in your life and, after a period of productivity exhaustion, you are in transition. You wish you could create a major change : you already set a realistic goal to improve your situation, developed a plan and a timetable, you have confidence in your energy and in your abilities to accomplish it. But... somehow you fall off track repeatedly when you try to get back to work. Instead of striving to finish your tasks, you find yourself daydreaming.

Don’t rush to put the blame on your inability to get things done. When we put too much effort into a specific task without making good progress, our mind naturally wanders away. Not because it is tired of working. On the contrary, research has now shown that while we are daydreaming, our mind is actually hard at work, sorting through problems and attempting to grasp the «bigger picture».

Moreover, daydreams can be harnessed to reinforce your productivity. If you purposefully plan and practice it, daydreaming is an invaluable tool for creativity, enabling you to make new connections, think of new perspectives, concentrate on higher goals, visualize different outcomes… Many artists, athletes, scientists use productive daydreaming to develop new ideas, focus on the steps leading to a goal and visualize success.

There are numerous sophisticated (and expensive !) methods or «secret recipes» meant to teach you how to make productive daydreaming a «key to success». I think that practicing productive daydreaming is just a good habit you can develop by trusting your imagination and by learning how to associate it with simple relaxation techniques. It is also a matter of common sense : only you can make the difference between a productive daydream and an entertaining daydream. Not an easy thing to do, all the more because some productive daydreams can be very... entertaining.

Part II – Productive Daydreaming : Take the 6 Steps.
Part III – Productive Daydreaming : Discover Progressive Relaxation.

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